Meet The Team

Lesley Storer

Hi, I’m Lesley and l am the founder of Piercer of Art Limited used to be named Cupids Arrow.

I started working on the indoor market at Alfreton, doing nails and hair extension and ear piercings.

Daily, I was asked if l pierced other bodily parts, which l didn’t, I started listening to my customers and looked in to taking a piercing course.

6 years into piercing, I decided to start a Piercing Training School, which some of you may remember as ‘The Academy – Body Piercing School of Excellence’ as l wanted to raise the standards in this field. I enrolled in to college to do a teacher training course, which l passed and gained my teacher training qualification. Now 15 years later…

 There is not a lot of support in the Tattoo and piercing industry, but l truly believe I am where l am today as l have the best support from my environmental health department within my local council and together, we have ‘Raised the Standards’ with the council using Pierce of art as the Bench Mark in the industry within our area.

When asked ‘where is the most unusual place l have pierced’ l answer ‘in the middle of a field’ as l have pierced at the rock and blues, MFN and many other bike and music festivals this was a  fantastic experience.

I am the mother figure of a lovely team; it’s not just about tattoos and piercings it’s my extended family; staff & customers that have made my business a success.

Elizabeth Moore

Hello! I’m Elizabeth; I’m the studio manager and piercer. I’ve been working at Pierce of Art for almost 3 years and it’s the best job I’ve ever had! I love what I do and getting to make people as sparkly on the outside as they feel on the inside! I believe in expressing your own kind of beautiful and helping people achieve that vision of them.

I’m fairly new to the Derbyshire area, so I invite you to come teach me some local slang…what’s a cob?

I also know a thing or two about tattooing…without actually being able to tattoo you, but I am always happy to help you plan your dream tattoo…we’ll leave the actual tattooing to one of our wonderful artists, shall we?

Piercing is my passion and I believe in forever learning, and here at Pierce of Art I am able to keep growing and learning to allow me to provide the best service possible for every person who walks through the door, making sure every piercing I perform is safe and beautiful!

Outside of work I love reading, the Harry Potter books and horror films, and I’m also a proud snake mum!

Favourite Tattoo Style: Traditional colour.

Favourite Piercing: To perform, surface piercings. On me…medusa!

Lucy Holland

Good Morning, Lucy speaking! I’m the tattoo and piercing apprentice at Pierce of Art Alfreton and I am the expert phone answerer. Ever since I was young I’ve been obsessed with all things body modification. Being a tattoo artist has always been my dream and I am so excited that is becoming a reality here at Pierce of Art! I’ve been leaning lots already and can’t wait to keep learning more not only about tattoos, but also piercing. I love all styles of tattooing but my favourite is definitely old school – I absolutely love bold lines and bold colours.

In my spare time I love photography, binging series on Netflix, going to the cinema, going to the cinema, going to the cinema…oh and going to the cinema. Oh, and I’m vegan.

I am proud to be the first and only vegan tattoo artist working in Alfreton.

Favourite Tattoo Style: Old School

Favourite Piercing: Septum

Chloe Bowdin

Hi, I’m Chloe, a tattoo artist and the newest addition to the Pierce of Art Alfreton family.

I started tattooing January 2015; I trained in Aston, Sheffield. For the first two years during my tattoo apprenticeship and a year following I focused on specialising in realism, primarily portraiture tattoos.

Once I’d reached a level I was content within realism I decided to expand on my abilities as an artist and started focusing more on bold colour tattoos and pop culture, primarily cartoon and Kawaii style of tattooing. I believed by taking the plunge to take on other styles I would broaden my abilities as a tattoo artist.

I have worked in various studios throughout my career but I feel I have found my extended family here and I am excited to grow with Pierce of Art and continue to build on an excellent reputation for high quality tattoos and piercings.

Kim Grant

I have worked within Pierce of Art for 16 years on and off and I just cant stay away as I love the studio atmosphere and the customers, I now work one day a week just doing all general advertising and social media and customer services with in the studio, I have met some amazing people over the years and I don’t think I will ever leave fully I will always have my toe dipped in somewhere.