Industrial Strength

Pierce Of Art Alfreton are proud to be Derbyshire’s first stockists of the premium body jewellery ‘Industrial Strength’.

Industrial Strength jewellery is handmade in the US, and is hand polished and each gem is a genuine Swarovski Crystal. Each piece is guaranteed for life, too! So if your piece breaks Industrial Strength will send you a new one free of charge!

We are proud to be part of an incredible group of piercers who care about putting the highest quality jewellery in your body! Each piece of jewellery we use is implant grade, internally threaded jewellery – so it is completely biocompatible.

Custom Orders

Industrial Strength will also make a piece of jewellery to your exact specifications!

So come in and see us to discuss your dream piece of jewellery, favourite colours, size, gems or opals…the options are endless!