Course Endorsment

We are proud to announce we are now endorsed by Advanced Nurse Practitioner Natasha Beardsley!

She had the following to say about her experience with us;

I undertook the foundation diploma in body piercing in September 2019.

To begin with I was issued with the pre course work book which I found to be extremely thorough and informative. I’m not going to lie, my 18 year career in Nursing certainly helped as a large portion of the material covers the all-important Health and Safety aspects associated with body piercing, however, do not be put off by this if you have little or no knowledge of Health and Safety issues as the material is well put together, making the information easy to read and understand.

I am a complete beginner to piercing so the information on piercing placement, blade, cannula and jewellery sizes was all completely new to me, however, the knowledge tests that are included throughout really help fill in any knowledge gaps.

The two practical days were great! I was nervous, even as someone very used to sticking needles in people, this was a new practical skill I was learning and I was unsure what to expect. I needn’t have worried. The girls were really lovely and so full of information and obvious experts in this field.

Everything possible is covered, from correct handwashing technique and equipment cleaning and sterilising to choosing the correct size equipment and jewellery

My first piercing was a little nerve wracking, I watched Elizabeth carry out the first one and then got straight in with the rest, being overseen and expertly guided by her.  I’ll be honest, doing the actual piercing didn’t really feel as I expected it to, and the fact that I was carrying out 3 piercings on each client really helped build my confidence with the actual technique of piercing and also allowed me to chat and build a rapport with the client which is lovely and something as a Nurse, I am used to doing.

Going into the second practical day, I was feeling confident and really enjoyed the experience. Elizabeth stepped back and let me do everything from start to finish with each client. Unfortunately the second day also involves a dreaded exam!

I hadn’t sat a written exam in years, and I actually think I was more nervous about this than the piercing side! The final exam is a thorough test of all aspects related to body piercing that are covered by the pre course material and within the practical days and everything you are taught is vital to enable you to become a safe, effective body piercer.

It was a nerve wracking wait waiting for my exam to be marked, I had so enjoyed the course I wanted it to reflect in my end result and it did!

If I could give one piece of advice to anyone undertaking this course it would be to read and read again the pre course material, really get yourself familiar with what is involved so that you can really focus on getting the piercing technique and the important client rapport during your practical days.

I certainly felt confident and well prepared following completion of the course and feel pleased that there is continued support from the expert staff at Pierce of Art. I am happy to endorse and recommend this course to anyone considering a career in Body piercing.