Body Piercing

“If we can pinch it, we can pierce it” – Lesley Storer

We offer a wide array of piercings, and we treat each and every one as special. We will spend time with you helping you decide which piercing is right for you and we will support you with looking after it. We will also help you find the perfect piece of jewellery for your healed piercings to keep it looking beautiful.

Top Hygiene Rated Body Piercing Studio in Alfreton

Our studio has the top hygiene rating for the area and we are the only studio of the 16 in the Amber Valley to have achieved this.

We are very proud of our studio and have your comfort and safety in mind at all times.

Not just ear piercings…

As a studio we have a vast expanse of experience in piercing and we are always willing to take on a challenge with the most unusual piercings with confidence… and nothing is unusual for us! You would be hard pressed to find a piercing we haven’t done!

We offer all ear, upper and lower body piercings, along with dermal anchors and skin divers.

If you have a piercing in mind that you would like, come and have a chat to us and we will accommodate you!