Body Piercing Academy

Welcome to Pierce of Art Alfreton, you may have known us in the past as The Academy – Body Piercing School of Excellence. No matter what changes our studio goes through, our strong foundation remains the same, and our desire to be “raising the standards” remains at the heart of everything we do.

Our courses are for students with little or no body piercing knowledge wishing to learn an industry leading body piercing qualification with extended study time, or for students who have already begun piercing and want to sharpen up their skills, we cater to all abilities and experience levels. We understand that piercing apprentiships are hard to come by and we strive to provide a condensed apprentiship to give you the foundation knowledge to build on throughout your piercing life.

So whether you have never picked up a needle or a blade before, or if you’ve been doing this for years, we have the support and knowledge here waiting for you!

Pierce of Art is a modern, innovative and ambitious school and is one of the largest body piercing training course providers in the UK. Renowned for its excellence in quality teaching and method research, the school attracts students from all over the UK and from across Europe. Students over the years have travelled from as far as Australia, Kuwait, Brazil, Swaziland, Dubai, Norway & Sweden…to name a few! So don’t worry if you have to travel 2 hours to us!

Our school principle is an experienced body piercer with over 15 year’s practical piercing experience under her belt, and she has trained and earned herself a City and Guilds qualification in teaching in the lifelong learning sector.

You will be learning here in our dedicated piercing school which runs alongside our busy piercing studio, witnessing piercings by experienced piercers alongside your learning, you will be part of our team the entire time you are here, in a relaxed working environment, with a big focus on learning.

Virtually every body piercing subject is covered…if we haven’t taught it, tell us! And can be studied at our state of the art studio in Derbyshire.

These courses include:
– Blade body piercing courses
– No bleed cannula body piercing courses
– Professional Diplomas
– Dermal Anchor certification
– Skin Diver certification
– Genital piercings
– Professional Development courses
– Lobe piercing courses

We offer over 80 hours of learning, something we are confident that no other course in the UK can offer, our course is followed by an exam, or if you prefer a less daunting term…a test with a minimum pass rate of 80%. We feel that everything we teach is ‘need to know’ and that follows from beginning to end; you will also be graded on your practical piercing. Both aspects will need to be passed to achieve the certificate…but it’s not as scary as it sounds, we will be here to support you the entire time, rest assured we want you to pass!

Not only does Pierce of Art provide one of the widest study programmes to choose from, but it also provides some of the finest facilities available anywhere in the UK.

Pierce of Art’s unique experience can be attributed to the sheer quality of training, the variety of piercing courses and breadth of piercing experience along with some of the best aftercare and support services for its students available.

It also has the added bonus of being based in one of the most convenient locations in the UK, providing students with easy access for travelling from around the country via train, motorway, bus & airports…the nearest only 40 minutes away.

“Truly a unique opportunity to study in the greatest body piercing schools around.” – In our humble opinion, that is us.

Why not come and see for yourself?

We always love a visitor, and we would like to invite anyone to visit the studio before booking to attend our courses. This provides you with a fantastic opportunity to meet the teacher, staff and other students along with a look around of the school and facilities. You will also have the opportunity to observe a body piercing taking place, as well as ask all questions you can think of.

We no longer run open days, as we want to give each individual our undivided attention.

We believe in our piercing courses, and we believe we have created the benchmark body piercing course in the UK. In a period where other training providers are shortening the length of their courses and increasing the price we have done the total opposite.

Throughout the last year we have invested heavily in understanding what our students really want and need. This research has bought us to the conclusion that most body piercing courses are too short. Students that have attended a 3 day body piercing course in the UK feel their skills are not competent enough for them to continue piercing. For this reason we have extended the body piercing course length.

All of our own piercers have attended our piercing course – that’s how much we believe in what we are teaching.

We have had students study with us who have received funding from various employment organisations.

We are the only piercing school in the UK…or perhaps even the world who offer student piercers the chance to work with the worlds best jewellery companies, working with 14 & 18kt gold, and even real diamonds!

Every single student who studies with us is entitled to lifetime support from our dedicated team of experienced piercers. We will provide practical, theoretical and business support wherever needed. We are also happy to arrange a visit to your studio to help you get on your feet.

The Courses

Foundation Piercing Course

This course is ideal for someone with a keen interest in body piercing and a desire to start their own career journey.

Each tutor on our course has been thoroughly educated, both in body piercing and teaching, and we have a passion to continue to learn and improve our own skills which we can then pass on to our students.

Our course includes 30 days home study and at least 2 full days in a working body piercing studio…that equates to almost 80 hours learning, something that no other piercing course in the UK can offer! You could learn to drive in less time, and that is what we stand by, much like learning to drive, we give you the tools and skills to become a competent piercer, when you learn to drive you are taught how to use your driving skills to apply to any situation, not to drive every single car!

The Foundation Piercing Course includes:
– blade piercing techniques
– hands on practical training in a real studio, on real clients
– thorough hygiene training
– lifetime support from experienced piercers
– ability to competently perform a wide range of body piercing
– in depth knowledge of piercing names, placements and appropriate jewellery
– control of blood borne viruses
– insight into the history of body piercing
– advanced sterilisation techniques

Starter kits are also available for purchase.

Our piercing courses can be bundled together to suit you and the business you are growing.

Lobe Piercing Course

At pierce of art we understand that lobe piercing is an industry all on its own, so we are now proud to offer a lobe exclusive course. This covers blade piercing techniques, proper sterilisation and safe piercing.

Professional Development Course

This course is for people with at least 1 year studio piercing experience, or people who have attended one of our foundation courses.

The professional development course is to help keep you up to date and your piercing skills ‘sharp’, covering updated techniques and standards within an ever evolving industry.

This course covers, advanced piercing placements, freehand piercing techniques, up to date jewellery standards.

Dermal Anchors & Skin Divers

Further Information available on request.

Genital Piercings

Further Information available on request.